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Why AdWords Biggest Advantage is also their Biggest Disadvantage

Posted by Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
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on Thursday, 19 December 2013 in Google

So you're running your business. You've put everything into getting it to this point. And now you're ready to embark on the next step - getting more customers. Everywhere you look people are talking about Google AdWords - Heck, you even got a voucher through the mail.... if you spend $25 Google are going to give you $75!

How can that be a bad deal?

And it's simple. Google are going to walk you through it... So you open the box.

OK - What do I need? Website - check! Credit card - check! Wow - that's it!


Five minutes later and your ads are running on the worlds biggest advertising medium. Fantastic!

And this is Google's biggest advantage - it is readily accessible and offers a level playing field so that small businesses can compete with the "Big Boys" online.

$500 later.....

The ads sent 300 people to the website - but no-one called, no-one bought anything, and, maybe there's something wrong with the contact form (must check with the web guy).

And this is Google's biggest disadvantage - out of the box it just doesn't work.

This is a little like someone walking into the BMW dealership and buying the top of the range X5. But they don't have a driving license and have never sat behind the wheel of anything. But everyone else is driving around - how hard can it be, seriously? And the guy who sold the car just explained how it works - put your foot on this pedal to go - this one to stop and turn the wheel this way to go right and this way to turn left - there you go - Enjoy!

I'd watch that on YouTube.

Without a minimum of tweaking it's hard for any AdWords campaign to be successful. As a result many business owners reach the conclusion that it just isn't for them. It doesn't work for their business - or in their town, or for their sector, etc.... and Google lose a customer.

As anyone in marketing will attest, customer capture is important, but customer retention is key to success. A model which is destined to alienate a proportion of customers is worrisome.

Some years ago, where the costs per click were counted in pennies this may not have been such an issue - but today, where a click might cost the same as a good lunch it will turn new customers off much more quickly.

If I spend $500 and get 5,000 visitors to my site - I am likely to blame my site. If I spend $500 and get 20 visitors to my site, I blame Google.

The reality is - I should probably blame myself - and go hire a PPC professional... but that's the least likely course of action.

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