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Our FREE Marketing Health Check

Posted by Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron is the Director Owner of Advent Communication. With more than 25 years experience he has a deep...
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on Wednesday, 23 May 2012
in Marketing

We have just introduced a new service - a FREE Marketing Health Check.

So what does it involve?

Many businesses have what we think of as an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to their marketing.

They may well have set up some online marketing - a few banners and links on websites, maybe and AdWords campaign and perhaps they have a regular ad in one of the local papers or on the radio.

They probably have a website and some brochures that they give to clients that come to see them.

There may well be a whole range of other activities - but the one thing that a lot of them will have in common is that no-one has taken a critical look at them for months (or sometimes years.

A couple of messages drop into the email inbox each week and few people call from seeing the ad and every now and then a friend says "I heard your ad on the radio the other day"... and, that's about it. The invoice comes in every month (quarter, year) and it gets paid as part of the regular monthly running costs.

And time goes by - unrelenting and, frankly, uncaring as to whether the marketing budget is being squeezed to deliver the best return it can.

And that is where our new FREE Marketing Health Check comes in. We will review your marketing activities and tell you what is working and what is not. If there is currently no way of knowing what's working (remember the old adage of "I know half my advertising is a waste of money - I just don't know which half"?) the we will suggest ways in which you can track the activity to get a clear perspective and a broad overview of the return on investment your marketing is generating.

Business owners are often too busy - or too close - to be able to take a long, hard look at what they are doing with their marketing. We are incisive and analytical - we are also brutally honest, so if you are looking for someone to tell you that everything is fine you probably need to look for someone else.

Our FREE Marketing Health Check is just that - FREE - it's also completely without obligation - take our advice and run with it!

To find out more, or to request your FREE Marketing Health Check please complete the request form.



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The 5 Faces of Marketing

Posted by Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron is the Director Owner of Advent Communication. With more than 25 years experience he has a deep...
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on Thursday, 10 May 2012
in Marketing

There are five clear stages in the marketing measurement process of any company - where are you in the process?

1. Denial :

"There are so many marketing avenues that they can't be effectively measured. But the results will come - have faith!"

Marketing is a necessary evil. We do it because our competitors do it - but we don't see the value.

2. Fear :

"What happens if my marketing doesn't lead to an increase in revenue? Will I lose my job?"

Taking responsibility for your company's marketing is a double edged sword. Ignorance is bliss. As soon as you shine a light on what you're doing, the uglier it will look. Weak performance will be highlighted more readily than good performance - and other departments will be quick to point out the shortcomings. It's scary.

3. Confusion :

"I know I should be measuring the results of my marketing, but I don't know where to start."

Whilst basic metrics can be implemented : visitor numbers, conversion data, cost per lead, cost per sale, click through rates, ad infinitum - without a solid, holistic understanding of what it all means, the data simply piles up on the corner of your desk. It all looks very impressive, but what does it all mean?

4. Self Promotion :

"Look - a pie chart!"

Simply representing the data in a graph or a chart doesn't actually change anything. If you're looking to justify the activity - then this might be tempting - but at the end of the day the Emperor is still naked. If you are simply looking for the soft, marketing centered KPI's then you need to take another look and see how you can show how they impact on the "harder" indicators of revenue growth, turnover. Without this marketing will be seen as a cost to the company rather than a revenue generator.

5. Accountability :

"Revenue and growth have their origins in marketing."

Once we understand this concept, marketing finds it's place in the company. We are now able to make accurate projections for revenue growth and development. Suddenly, rather than being outside the management circle, we are invited to the "top table". All of a sudden we are able to make a contribution to the core decisions the company is taking. The transition is hard, but it starts with marketing personnel taking responsibility for their actions. If the marketing department is stuck in any of the first four stages, then they only have themselves to blame.


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