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Call Tracking - Why Your Business Needs It.


call trackingThe telephone has always been a double edged source of business.

The phone rings and a new client is hooked. Fantastic! But how did they get your number?

We're told by the gurus to always ask how a caller got our number - but in the "real" world, this is often not possible. The caller has their own agenda, and we focus on the task of listening, not talking. Certainly not grilling them about which ad they saw or what they typed into Google's search box to get to our web page.

But it would be great to know.

And now - if you're doing business in Spain - finally you can. Call Tracking Metrics have launched a series of Spanish based numbers which will shed a bright light on your call records.

Here's the condensed version of how it works....

Someone types a query into Google (or Yahoo, or bing, or facebook, or simply sees your ad on a webpage) and visits your website. Then, instead of filling out your (tedious, time consuming) form, they decide to simply pick up the phone. You chat with them and you have a new client, job done.

But here's what happened in the background.

As the visitor arrived at your website, the Call Tracking Metrics system changed the telephone numbers that are displayed on the page. The caller calls the number, which is then forwarded to your regular number. Neither the caller, nor you, notice anything different.

But now go into your reports section of your Call Tracking Metrics account - or your Google Analytics account. Now you can see the campaign, advertisement and even the keyword which triggered that visit to your website.

We have stressed many times that successful online marketing at it's core is simple - you do more of what works and less of what doesn't. Call Tracking Metrics is an invaluable addition to your monitoring toolset.

Call Tracking Metrics is simple to set up and integrate with your Google Analytics and is verty ocst effective. We are highly experienced with the system, having used it extensivley with clients in the US and Canada as well as in the UK. Call us today on 95 278 3677 or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a no obligation presentation.

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