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Mobile Only Ads with Enhanced Campaigns

Publicado por Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
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en Jueves, 19 Septiembre 2013 en Google

The new Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns no longer allow advertisers to select devices. Previously, we were able to choose to show ads on mobile devices - or not! And, perhaps more significantly, we were able to chose to show our ads ONLY on mobile devices.

With Enhanced Campaigns this is no longer the case. So just how do we get around this? The answer is in bid adjustments.

Bid adjustments are only available for mobile devices - the "base" bid is the bid used for PC & Tablet traffic (Google still believes these are the same thing!).

So let's say you bid $2 for your click. You can then adjust your mobile bid to -100% and, hey presto - no more mobile ad impressions!

But there's no way to eliminate PC & Tablet traffic - or is there....?


The work around is simple....

Here's the situation we had with one of our clients:

As we can see the bid for all devices was $2 and our CPC was in the region of $1.60 for all.

However, the client wanted to channel to mobile devices only.

The trick was to reduce the "base bid" on PC & Tablet to $0.40 and the increase the bid for mobile devices using a +300% bid adjustment....

Now we see, the PC traffic has all but disappeared - one click only from an ad in 7th spot. Tablet traffic ceased altogether.

And mobile traffic was untouched - or was it?

A closer look reveals that the CPC for mobile traffic dropped from $1.42 to $1.16 and the CTR rose from 0.52% to 1.70% - pleasing trends indeed.

As described above - this is only a workaround - for the time being there is no way to exclude PC & Tablet traffic - and, perhaps more frustrating, there is no way to even separated PC's and Tablets (although some people are trying to figure out a workaround for this based on operating systems!). This is likely to come - in part because Google will eventually realise that they are not the same and that user behaviour is significantly different between the two, but also because so many PPC Manager are asking for it.

A simple solution would be for advertisers to set a device preference (PC, mobile or tablet) against which to set their "base bid" and then set the adjustments for the other two against that. Thus if I set my preferred device as "mobile" I would be able to set a -100% bid to eliminate traffic to the other two if required.

That's not asking too much, is it?

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