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Simple Analytics Code Check

Publicado por Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
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en Domingo, 26 Enero 2014 en Google

If you've installed Google Analytics code on your site it's always good to know if it's working... If you have Chrome you can install the Google Tag Assistant extension - or you can wait a few hours and check if there have been any visits - but how would you like to know immediately if the code is working - especially if you need the code to be checking across sub-domains, for example?

There's a quick trick to test your code implementation... simply open another browser window and visit your site. Because I work online with many of my clients, I don't want my visits to pollute their visitor data (they may wonder who this person is in Spain who keeps visiting their site!) so I have an extensions on both Firefox and Chrome which prevent the code from firing - so I opened the page in Safari which does not block the visit from being reported.

Going back to my Google Analytics report I can open up the Real Time report under the Standard Reports menu - and, sure enough, there is my visit, reported, just as is say on the box - in real time.

I can navigate to subdomains and any other pages to check that the code is firing. A great way to check the code is correctly installed. And, perhaps finally, a reason to use the Real Time report!



Please use the comments to suggest other uses for the Real Time report - we struggle to see the value other than as a data geeks alternative to an aquarium.

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