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Location Extensions - the Secret Back Door

Publicado por Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
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en Miércoles, 05 Marzo 2014 en Google

Since the introduction of enhanced campaigns I have been frustrated by the apparent need to link a Google Places account to AdWords to get location extensions to appear.

Many of my smaller clients do not have a Google Places account. We stress the importance of this and most are happy to set it up - but this implies the inevitable wait for a verification code from Google... and this can cause a month or more delay.

But then, almost by chance, we discovered a secret doorway back to the way things used to be.... follow me.....


So you want to add a location extension... you go to location extensions and hit the add extension button....








... and a popup window appears where you are able to link your Google Places account...








... and if you don't have a Google Places account you can't have location extensions, right?

Wrong! That's what we thought.... but go back a step...









.... choose the Not upgraded option and you get your manual option back!









... and you can add your location extension just as you always did!

Now... if we can just find the secret door that can lead us back to the place where you can choose the devices your ads will appear on.....

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