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Funky Quirk on Image Ad Bulk Upload

Publicado por Steve Cameron
Steve Cameron
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en Lunes, 27 Julio 2015 en Google

I love the new bulk upload facility for image ads in Google AdWords - I really do.

But with the recent change from Destination to Final URL - there is a funky little quirk that caught me out and got my ads disapproved... here's what happened...

Let's suppose I have a page I want to use as my landing page - in this example I am using a case study page:













I always make sure that I check the page is active and rather than retype the url into the interface, I always copy and paste the complete url.

paste final url











Then I add the display url... in this case simply using

add destination url










But - and here's the problem... this automatically changes the Final url!!

final url2












If you don't spot this - and I didn't - then Google will check your url and return a 404 - and your ads are disapproved.

Frankly, I see no reason at all why adding the display url should affect an already inserted final url - but it does. and until Google fixes the issue (if they consider it worthy of fixing) I'm likely to get caught out again!

Can anyone suggest a good reason why a display url should automatically overwrite a final url field?
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