If you have visited our facebook page recently you will have seen an image which is bigger than is actually permitted on facebook. What? Yes - read that again - it's bigger than the permitted maximum size of 843 x 403 pixels - but our image is 843 x 521 pixels... so how was it done?



Look again... it's not a single image.

Instead it is a highlighted gallery with one main image and then the thumbnails along the bottom of 7 more images - which when presented on the timeline look like a single image.

The inspiration (and the dimensions!) came from Jon Loomer's page - which is a great facebook marketing resource.

We started with a large image and then sliced and diced it in Photoshop - saving the individual elements as separate images. Then when the gallery is posted - and then highlighted - it comes together as seen.

There are a couple of issues - facebook adds 3 pixels of space between the top photo and the bottom photos, and between each of the bottom photos - hence the white grid - without the white grid only the bottom images would have white borders - the effect is so much more impressive if the whole image has the grid - the grid reinforces the illusion rather than weakening it. Of course a white background to the elements would have done the same thing, but you are still faced with the fact that you cannot get away from these separators.

Then - the images don0t work when viewed in the gallery itself - you only see the "parts" of the whole image - on their own a piece of a shoe doesn't say much.

And, finally, it doesn't work on mobile devices as the highlighted image simply doesn't display.

But is was fun - and we've had some great feedback!