When we want to compare conversions we really should compare apples to apples. If we are measuring leads and inquiries as conversions alongside sales, it can sometimes be hard to get a clear picture of which conversions are triggered since AdWords groups them all together. And as we know, not all conversions are created equal.

Not a problem - we can segment - at least the system suggests we can - but anyone who has tried will know that at first sight the segmentation simply doesn't work.

So what to do...?

Here's what we might see in a typical account:

There are two conversions here that clearly have different conversion rates and very different values to us as a company.

In this example the Lead is great to have, but the Sale is the gold. We could give them each a value, but only the Sales lead would be accurate, and even if we did this the total value would be displayed in the reports.

And whilst AdWords suggests that we can segment - anyone who has tried will know that nothing happens - here's the process:

The missing link is in the columns.

Edit your columns to include the Conversions (many per click) column and then segment again - voila! - your conversions are now segmenting by name or by tracking purpose:

And knowing which are apples and which are oranges gives us a greater insight into campaign performance.