How cool would it be to get a phone call from your marketing and know exactly which of your ads had triggered the call?

The answer is - very!

For some years now clients of ours in the US and UK have been able to use call tracking to monitor the telephone call s coming from their different advertising activities - online and offline.

Imagine - someone sees your ad on Google, or facebook and visits your website. Then they call you. You will often not ask where they got your number - and even if you do the answer will be something like "from your website".

With call tracking, however, you will be able to see which ad, and which keyword triggered the visit. Or which billboard, or which radio ad. In fact wherever people can find a number to call you.

If your business has a reasonable number of phone calls, then this can be a significant addition to your marketing arsenal.

Finally, Call Tracking Metrics are offering this service here in Spain. The fees are very competitive and the service is the most complete we have experienced.

Here at Advent we have extensive experience with the system and can get your tracking up and running and fully integrated with your Google Analytics without a problem.

Remember, it's great to get phone calls. It's much better to know what you did to get the phone ringing! With Call Tracking Metrics, we can tell you.