Sometimes I worry about facebook....

We have a couple of advertisers who have been finding it really (really!) difficult to advertise on the platform.

And yet others don't seem to have a problem at all.......

Here's an ad that just appeared on my facebook page:

Quick translation - WANTED: Men 45-50

Single women looking for mature men for dates. See photos of local women here.

But look at the address! - doesn't sound like them.

Curiosity piqued (professional curiosity, that is) - I  click on the ad and this is the next thing I see:

Get ready to meet a new woman every day, blah, blah, blah...

Accept the terms and conditions:


.... and the winner is... Meetic - one of Spain's largest dating sites.

So what is going on here? Who is being duped - apart from me?

I'm pretty sure Amazon don't know about this. and I'm pretty sure that Meetic don't know how some of their affiliates are driving traffic to their site (although they should!). But the worst thing is that facebook should know about this and the ads should never have been approved in the first place. There are any number of policy violations going on here.

So - WAKE UP, facebook and apply your policy guidelines with an even hand.

P.S. It just go worse. My page now has this ad....

Translation : Ugly Women Inside?

We have lots of women desperate for a date. But they are not pretty. Join Now.... on top of everything it looks like they are using Google Translate to run their campaigns!